Friday, 12 October 2012

Issue 6: September/October 2012

Greetings Woolves! The spooky Hallowe'en issue is now complete and ready to launch at our autumn events!

This time Sarahwoolf did the cover and overlay. Along with a special 9-page feature on Hyaku Monogatari, the Japanese ghost story game, and some ghost stories to use if you want to try it this Hallowe'en.

Rebecca Fogg has doodled us up a fascinating fact sheet about the festival, complete with adorable illustrations. One of Sarahwoolf's ghost stories can be seen opposite.

Meg Guindon has provided yet another comic! This time a spooky true story from her childhood.

Clem Tarrant returns with another lovely illustration.

New contributor Deborah Clerkin has drawn us a beautiful cover! We needed something a bit spookier for the outside, but we couldn't bear not to use it, so it's been printed as a contrasting internal cover.

Of course we also have our regular features: Stale Symphony by Sammy Borras, Lesbian Heroes by Lilywoolf, Sewing Sans Pattern by Sarahwoolf, Ask Another Question, and another incredible door picture by Gem Sheldrake.

We'll be posting soon about our upcoming Autumn events, until then if any of you are coming to the Birmingham Zine Fair tomorrow you can find us with our pals from Inspired Comics. Happy Hallowe'en!

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