Thursday, 23 August 2012

July/August issue: The Hairy Issue

This issue's cover illustration/lettering by Lilywoolf, as well as 'Lesbian Heroes' - this issue featuring featuring a shout-out to bisexual hero Frida Kahlo as an honourable (hairy!) mention.

Illustrations by Clemwoolf and Sarahwoolf, inlcuding "Things Sarah Sees"...

This issue includes a hairy photoshoot feature throughout, thanks to the photography of Claudia Codirolli and this issue's hairy model, Jessie Normaschild.

This month's "Sewing Sans Pattern" by Sarahwoolf is all about swimsuits!

Some hair-raising comics by Megwoolf and Sammywoolf, including Sammywoolf's "Stale Symphonies"...

Sarahwoolf goes hairy for this issue and reports on her findings, but could this be the start of long-term liberation from the razor? Watch this space. There's also some pretty rad hairy lettering going on in this issue...

...Finally, what's better than a fairy problem page? A hairy problem page, with heirlooms! Of course.

When they are not being WOOLVES, the names of the contributors are: Comic artist Sammy Borras of Jumping The Sharkcomic artist Marie-Eve 'Meg' Giundon; illustrator Clem 'Crem' Tarrant; freelance photographer & filmmaker Claudia Codirolli; modelling volunteer Jessie Normaschild, and of course Sarah Fogg and Lily-Rose Beardshaw. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially Sarah, who does most of the hard work.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Catch-up post: The year in Woolfs so far

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? out & about on the Inspired Comics table at Bristol Comic Expo in May...

...At the ZINE LIBRARY, ZINFEST at De Zondvloed Mechelen Bookshop, Belgium, in June (Thanks Shamisa Debroey!)

...and at Manchester MCM Expo in July with Inspired Comics.

Big thanks to Sarahwoolf, Sammywoolf and Inspired Comics Collective for their hard work!