Monday, 2 April 2012

Issue 3: March 2012

Oh no! More photographs on Sarahwoolf's unattractive carpet! Fortunately it is largely concealed by What's the Time, Mrs Woolf? Issue 3, which is now available! Sarahwoolf did the cover this time, with slightly bizarre typography choices.

Alas, Lilywoolf was too busy to contribute this month. Luckily Gem Sheldrake stepped in with a 6-page comic! We're very pleased to showcase her often-adorable work.

Christina Pettit provided us with an article on women's rowing, the Cambridge/Oxford Boat Race, and women's sport in general. She comes from a position of some authority, being in CUWBC herself, and has written a great introduction to the issues surrounding public perception of women's sport.

The weird and wonderful Clem Tarrant provided some bizarre yet lovely illustrations.

Sarahwoolf returns with another Things Sarah Sees and Sewing Sans Pattern, this month showing you how to make a reversible bag. There's also a bonus page explaining the art of sewing button holes, since she only learned how to do them properly a month or so ago.

Rebecca Fogg, of Easily In But Not Easily Out from last issue, has provided some delicious fridge cake recipes to munch upon while drinking tea and reading zines.

The ever-productive Sammy Borras returns with another Stale Symphony, based on a true story!

Last but not least, Poppet is back with more advice for hapless humans.

Issue 3 debuted at Birmingham Comic Con on the 31st of March, in the company of Inspired Comics. Mosey on over to their blog for some photos of the table, Sarahwoolf with a toy cat on her head, and Fox, our unofficial mascot. We were delighted to sell lots of copies, but worry not if you missed it, as we're also selling from the online shop.

Lilywoolf will be taking all three issues down to Comiket in London this April, so if you're in town for the show stop by and say hello hello.

We're always on the hunt for submissions and questions for Poppet, so please contact us at if you have any ideas, problems, or just want to get in touch. We love to hear from you!