Sunday, 20 May 2012

Issue 4: May 2012

Behold! A brand new issue of What's the Time, Mrs Woolf? Issue four debuted at Bristol Expo on the 12th of May, and features a cover by our own Lilywoolf. It's so nice to have her back after her hiatus. Be sure to look out for the resulting anthology, Parallel Lives, which you can even buy on Amazon!

So what exciting content have we got this time? The ever-enthusiastic Gem Sheldrake has sent this gorgeous illustration, which was just perfect for a 'door picture' at the start of the zine. Remember to follow Gem's webcomic, The Wastelands, if you like her work.

Now that Lilywoolf is back, so is Lesbian Heroes, this time with a musical theme.

Sarahwoolf has lent her sewing expertise (or at least competence) to another Sewing Sans Pattern, this time showing you how to make gloves. The lazy way AND the proper way. (She always uses the lazy way.)

Meg Guindon, or Meg White as she's also been credited, has provided a three-page comic.

Christina Pettit, ever well-informed, has written us another great article on women's sport. This time considering the position of female jockeys in the world of horse racing. On the opposite page, the incredible Clem Tarrant has drawn us another of her unique illustrations.

As a new contributor for this issue, Nel McDonald has started on a high with a finely-crafted essay on the myth of transformative love. With analysis not only of where we learn the myth, but of its impact on our real-life relationships. (Illustrated by Sarahwoolf, as Nel is also very busy getting an M.A. in War Studies!)

Sarahwoolf has written an account of being followed in town and confronting her stalker, along with some other ways she could have handled the situation, had she felt less safe.

More new contributors! Bexx Bojangles, purveyor of second-hand goods and keen forager, has written us a fantastic article on foraging for seasonal hot drinks. Why pay for tea and coffee when alternatives grow wild all around us?

Last but not least, another Stale Symphony by the always productive Sammy Borras on the vagaries of home baking, and Poppet returns to answer the questions of another human in distress. If you're a fan of Sammy (and why wouldn't you be?) don't forget she creates the webcomic Jumping the Shark, and has more of her printed comics available in her Etsy Shop. If you're a fan of Poppet, you're not left out, as she recently starred in The Bad Fairy Bakery, which you can buy online, or read online.

Don't worry if you missed us at Bristol, you can buy the new issue in our online shop.

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